SEAN HANNITY: Democrats have dipped back into their ‘election year playbook’

By | September 13, 2022

Sean Hannity illuminated the typical Democratic elections playbook of “lies” and how they will continue to demonize Trump and his supporters as the midterm elections approach on “Hannity.”


SEAN HANNITY: So now with the midterms around the corner, Democrats want you to forget all about this. Instead, they want you to focus on only three main distractions. Here’s their game plan for the next 57 days. They are attempting to divide the country on the basis of race and gender and age, etc.. It’s their usual playbook, their election year playbook or election year lie depending on how you want to characterize it. Republicans are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic. They want dirty air, water. You know the routine. Second, Democrats want to gin up hysteria around abortion and yet another lie. 

They will attempt to scare voters by claiming that abortion is illegal. That simply is not true. After the Dobbs ruling abortion is still very much legal, and the vast majority of states and I have it on good authority that Republicans in the Senate will bring up a national abortion law sometime this week that will have a mandate of time of 15 weeks, which is what the Mississippi law called for. And that brings us to the third distraction. As we speak, Democrats are trying to dehumanize and vilify, quote, “those evil rascally MAGA Republicans and Donald Trump supporters” in order to rally their base, according to Biden and the Democrats. 

Half of America is now a threat to democracy simply because they now support or once supported Donald Trump. So instead of trying to fix the economy or dare talk about it, or the border or the fentanyl or opioid crisis or the crime crisis, Democrats have been wasting almost all of their time and billions of your tax dollars with one investigation after investigation into all things Donald Trump.