Greg Gutfeld: Dems are busy creating a fantasy of a civil war while a real war is going on with civilians

By | September 8, 2022

Greg Gutfeld discusses how Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies have unleashed a “war” on American citizens and how the judges and district attorneys releasing these criminals should be charged for the consequences of their decisions on “The Five.” 


GREG GUTFELD: The Dems are busy creating a fantasy of a civil war, right? Meanwhile, there is a real war going on, on civilians, on minorities, on the elderly, on Asians. It’s violent crime by released violent criminals. Basically, politicians, our political leaders, are playing Russian roulette with the public. They’re dropping these bullets into society. And they might hate you. Who knows? We don’t. The thing about this, we don’t have to gin up a fantasy war. You don’t need hyperbole when a woman gets pushed in front of a subway. That trumps Trumpies, that trumps, you know, January 6. I’m sorry. We’re having a January 6 every hour, every day. We’re losing track of the amount of violence that’s going on. There was a machete attack in New York City. I repeat, a machete attack in NYC. And it was a repeat attack by an offender, a repeat offender who was released after a machete attack, and she was only 20. So my question is, and it’s like the judges, when you start charging DA’s and judges with the crimes that the people they release commit, because you’ve got to tie the consequences to their decisions.