Fox News’ Julie Banderas reveals the back story of her new pro-American, anti-woke kids book

By | September 12, 2022

Julie Banderas has just released a new children’s book called “Fiona’s Fantastical Fort,” published by Brave Books — and there are specific reasons she paired up with this particular publisher for this back-to-school September book release.

Brave Books is a Christian, conservative and anti-woke publisher that promotes morals and values in children. It’s a monthly subscription-based publisher — and Banderas is the publisher’s September author.

With the theme of perseverance in today’s tough world, Banderas, who is based in New York City, shared with Fox News Digital her inspiration and motivation for writing the book for kids.


Fox News Digital engaged in a Q&A with Julie Banderas as her new book was released.

Here are details from the interview — including what parents and families should know as they consider it for their children.

Fox News Digital: When did you first realize you wanted to write this book — and what inspired you to write it? Also, how did you get it done amid your busy schedule? 

Julie Banderas: You are absolutely right about always wanting to write a book and never having time to do it!

As a mom of three, I jumped at the chance of becoming an author for Brave Books. When we discussed the theme — perseverance — I couldn’t have gotten more excited about it. 

The publisher’s anti-woke, pro-American philosophy is what really grabbed me.

Julie Banderas (continued): Together we formed the story around a little girl named Fiona, one of the legendary characters on Freedom Island in the Brave Books series. This little girl perseveres when things get tough — and like my father did when I was a kid, her father tells her not to give up when things get tough! 

After several failed attempts to build a fantastical fort to play in with her skeptical friends, she perseveres.


Fox News Digital: Aside from the quality of perseverance, what other key attributes do you feel children need today?

Banderas: Ironically, like perseverance, my father always used the word “tenacity” when describing himself and how we should live our lives growing up. 

He and my mother were always of the mindset when you put your mind to something, you get it. At times, that lesson might’ve been a hindrance for them, since I have always been a “never take no for an answer” kind of person, even as a child! 

Julie Banderas (continued): Another quality I’ve always instilled in my children — and I wish other parents would follow as well — is to teach respect for others no matter their differences or differences in opinion. Kids should be considerate and kind and help others who seem to be struggling. 

Kids in schools need to demonstrate more empathy. If a child is being left out or bullied, children should be taught to always stand up for them and make sure everyone around them is treated equally. 

One of my kids even stood up for one of her teachers in first grade when a child in the classroom was being disrespectful. 

There is absolutely no room in our lives for disrespect. “Treating others as you would like to be treated” is what I have instilled in my children since day one. If you met them today, at ages 12, 9 and 6, you would see that they live by this every day.

The lessons that Brave Books is putting into their Freedom Island Series are what I want my kids to embody. The lessons include a sanctity for life, unconditional love within the home, the harmfulness of critical race theory — and more. 

Julie Banderas (continued): I also feel that the Brave Book of the Month Club is such a great tool for parents to use to help instill Christian conservative values in their kids. You get a new book every month that teaches a different lesson that’s vital for the next generation to know. 

As a bonus, kids can find fun activities at the back of each book — including The Brave Challenge, as well as tips on how to enjoy each interactive adventure together as a family.

Fox News Digital: Do you have plans to write more in this series — any new ideas in the works?

Banderas: Brave Books ( is right now brainstorming a future book about the media and boy, would I love to tackle that one! 

Working with this group has been a great joy. I think the fact that it’s a Christian company is what made all the difference in my experience and brought me back to my childhood.

Often in our workplace, we don’t get to talk about God or the Bible. This is the first time I’ve ever combined my Christian roots with work — and it’s been such an inspiring experience!.

This book is incredibly special to me for all of those reasons and more. I believe teaching children proper values and morals at a young age is so critical to the future of this country. 

I only wish more book publishers and schools would practice this and leave out all the unnecessary woke culture that is spoiling our innocent youth.