Colts’ Jonathan Taylor reveals how he’s helping his communities, picks side in New Jersey debates

By | September 14, 2022

A majority of NFL fans may know the famous Campbell’s Chunky soup commercials with superstar athletes Reggie White, Donovan McNabb and Kurt Warner being among those to star in the spots.

Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott were also among the NFL figures who have joined the long list of those who have partnered with the brand for the creative ads.

Indianapolis Colts star Jonathan Taylor joined the fray last year and helped prepare hundreds of meals for those in need in partnership with Campbell’s Chunky. For the 2022 season, Taylor is back with the company doing the best he can to help out those in need as well.


The New Jersey native told Fox News Digital in a recent interview the product brings him back to his early childhood days. And while the nostalgia of being back in his kitchen with his family may fill his heart with joy, another thing that’s helping is the ability to give back to the communities he’s impacted by playing the game he loves.

“Another thing that’s really near and dear to my heart is being able to give back. Not only to my hometown in Salem, New Jersey, but to any community that I feel is home to me, which of course, Madison, Wisconsin, is a second home to me and now Indianapolis is becoming a third home,” Taylor said.

“With Campbell’s Chunky, we’ve actually been able to donate food for every single yard that I have. Not every 10 yards, not every 15 yards, every single yard that I have there is product donated through the program with Campbell’s Chunky. That’s something that I’m proud of, I know Campbell’s Chunky is proud of. The give-back part is what’s huge for me.”


Taylor grew up in Salem, just about 44 miles outside Philadelphia, and could remember McNabb being in the commercials and leading the Eagles in the NFC East. Being an Eagles fan, Taylor said seeing the star quarterback at the time was inspiring for him. That coupled with the fact that Campbell’s was founded in 1869 in Camden, New Jersey, made it all make sense for him when he got into the NFL.

Being from New Jersey is something Taylor takes pride in, he told Fox News Digital. And it’s likely most New Jerseyans can relate to as well.

“You can ask Nyheim (Hines). A lot of times I’m always telling him, ‘Yeah, this is a Jersey thing.’ Jersey is always coming out of my mouth or when I’m talking to Nyheim, and he knows that,” Taylor said. “It’s just a sense of pride that you have of being from New Jersey and being able to represent the state well. Not only myself, but there’s a ton of other guys, especially in the league, who are also from Jersey that represent the state well.”

Taylor touched on two hot-button issues when it comes to those in New Jersey.

First, is it Taylor ham or pork roll? Taylor smiled.

“It’s crazy because every time they always ask. … Me, I’m going pork roll.”

The Garden State isn’t close to being one of the largest in the union but big enough that residents can say whether they live in North or South Jersey. But for those caught in the middle counties, some identify as being Central Jerseyans. Rutgers University in New Brunswick and the capital, Trenton, being two of the landmark points of the area.

Taylor agreed Central Jersey exists.

“I feel like there’s a center to everything. I’ve noticed it’s a touchy subject, especially to those who live in Central Jersey. I do believe there is a central, we got to show love,” he told Fox News Digital. “We got to show love to everybody, but when you mention New Jersey, a lot of people either mention north or south. I will say there is an area in the middle.”