Austin woman attacked and robbed as ‘jugging’ turns violent, police seek suspects

By | September 13, 2022

Two suspects followed a woman home after she withdrew money from a bank last Friday afternoon in Austin, Texas, then violently attacked her on her front porch and stole her purse full of cash, the Austin Police Department said. 

It’s the latest example of “jugging” in the capital of Texas, which is when suspects loiter outside of banks and target victims carrying money. 

The trend is on the rise in Austin, with at least 62 cases resulting in more than half a million dollars stolen so far this year, according to police. 

During the incident on Friday, two suspects in a gray BMW drove behind the woman as she returned home after taking out cash from a Wells Fargo. 

“As the victim entered her home, the first suspect ran up behind her, violently attacked her, and stole her purse, which had the money from the bank inside,” Austin police said. “During the assault, the suspect threw the victim around and dragged her across the pavement.”


The woman was transported to a local hospital for treatment to injuries she sustained in the attack. 

One of the suspects was described as a Black male in his 20s wearing a black hoodie, black pants, dark-colored gloves and a surgical mask. Police did not release a description for the driver. 

Police said that Austinites can protect themselves by being aware of people loitering around financial institutions, talking to security at banks if they feel uncomfortable, taking note of vehicles that may be following you, and keeping cash in an inconspicuous bag.