Queen Elizabeth’s funeral to delay formal rollout of House GOP agenda

Fox News has learned that House Republicans have decided to delay the formal rollout of their agenda for this fall’s election, so it will not conflict with Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday, September 19. House Republicans had scheduled their “Commitment to America” event for September 19 in western Pennsylvania. But the Queen’s funeral will… Read More »

Ancient skeleton in Mexico cave threated by train

A pre-historic human skeleton has been found in a cave system that was flooded at the end of the last ice age 8,000 years ago, according to an archaeologist and cave diver on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. (Sept. 14)       

Kellyanne Conway: The Biden presidency is a ‘split-screen presidency’

Former senior counselor to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway tore into President Biden on “Hannity” for celebrating the Inflation Reduction Act as inflation fears continue to pound the American economy and family pockets. KELLYANNE CONWAY: It will not work, Sean. And remember, Americans like to protest and pontificate in groups, but we vote as individuals, and… Read More »